Zixtech HUB mentioned in the ITC Report Tech Hubs in Africa: Accelerating start-ups for resilient growth – 3rd Edition

African tech hubs – now more than 1000 across the continent – accelerate digital, social and economic transformation as they support start-ups.

The report examines the COVID-19 impact on tech hubs and offers recommendations for future operations. It surveys 52 tech hubs across Africa and includes interviews with dozens more. It identifies resilient business models that weathered the pandemic. The ability to digitalize their services is the most defining parameter for resilient tech hub success, according to the ITC survey.

This report serves also as a toolkit for governments and funders to invest successfully in tech entrepreneurship support infrastructure. It concludes with practical recommendations and underlines the importance of hybrid support and digital service delivery.

Get the Full report: https://intracen.org/resources/publications/tech-hubs-in-africa-resilient-growth-third-edition