Zixtech HUB was contracted by EU for a project to support Earth and Observation startups under Newspace Conference Luanda, Angola 2024

In support of the NewSpace Africa conference in Luanda, Angola, the European Union is providing additional training to the winners of the GMES and Africa business start-up competition on the occasion of the Africa NewSpace Conference of 2023. This training builds upon the capacity-building sessions that were already offered in 2023 by Zixtech HUB, continuing the work initiated during the Conference in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

The 15 selected companies had their representatives go through 17 Modules for a total of 4 days (2 physical and 2 Online) training of 17 Modules in 2023

This training program will emphasize on 7 fundamental modules that aim to assist entrepreneurs in enhancing venture maturity and achieving business growth. Following the successful training session at last year’s Africa NewSpace conference, DG INTPA and our African Union counterparts were eager to replicate this training in an optimized format implemented by Zixtech HUB through Paul Mbua Consultant. The revised format will be more tailored towards enabling startups to become commercially viable and adaptable to the ever-changing market forces.

The program offerered an in-depth analysis of what young entrepreneurs should think about when building a business.

The primary goal of the training was to give a step-by-step guide/checklist for growing an early-stage company.

A secondary goal was to provide young entrepreneurs with frameworks to assess progress and grasp critical areas of the business.

The workshop focused on 7 Modules out of 17 previous Modules of the training last year. With focus on critical elements necessary to grow a venture. The participants to be trained are focused on Earth and observation market segment.

The selected participants had gone through the previous training and have knowledge of the Modules.

The main deliverable is to ensure that participants have a practical understanding of the concepts and frameworks and can apply it to their businesses.